24 Month Septic Tank Cleaner With 2 HEAVY Shocks

24 Month Septic Tank Cleaner With 2 HEAVY Shocks


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SeptiBlast™ septic tank cleaner is a powerful blend of highly concentrated enzymes and bacteria designed to quickly digest sludge and grime at astonishing rates – up to hundreds of pounds of sludge almost overnight!

SeptiBlast™ septic cleaner is formulated to clear out blockages and clean lines in all residential septic systems. Tens of thousands of septic system owners throughout the world have used concentrated bacteria to clean out their clogged septic lines, dry up wet spots and eliminate odors. Treatments are easy – Simply apply SeptiBlast™ down your commode each month and let the powerful strains of bacteria do the rest!

  • Totally Restores All Failed Septic Systems
  • Eliminates The Need For Frequent Pump-Outs
  • Stops Smells & Odors Resulting From Trouble systems
  • Dries Up Wet Spots And Moisture In Your Yard or Lid Area
  • Reverses System Failure By Cleaning Out Soils Compaction or Clogs
  • SeptiBlast™ Will Rescue, Restore & Clean Your Entire System!



SeptiBlast™ septic tank cleaner will rescue, restore & clean your entire system!

SeptiBlast™ is the most economical and effective septic system cleaning additive in the USA! Effectively restoring clogged septic tanks, cesspits, sand mounds, RV holding tanks and all other septic systems! The secret is our powerful, ultra fast granular bacteria powder that enters you system and grows at an astonishing rate – multiplying and doubling in numbers every 20 minutes to rapidly consume toilet paper, black sludge and waste material in all drywells, septic tank systems, leach fields, drain fields, lateral lines, sand mounds, cesspools, seepage pits and even RV holding tanks! All Systems benefit from the amazing power of SeptiBlast™ septic tank cleaner. 100% Effective and 100% Guaranteed!

SeptiBlast™ septic tank cleaner successfully treats symptoms of septic tank and drain field failure utilizing highly concentrated bacteria and enzymes that quickly breakdown and digest sludge buildup within your entire system. Gurgling, backups, odors and wet spots are warning signs that your leaching system may be heading into failure. Once your drain field soils begin to clog, liquids are no longer able to flow through your soils as they should. Over time, pump out frequencies increase and costs begin to go through the roof. Although many treatments involve caustic soda, peroxide, line jetting and other methods to restore clogged lines, only bacterial treatments have the ability to reach deep below subsurface soils – digesting organic buildup and clogs where they form. SeptiBlast™ septic tank cleaner works on all systems including aerobic and anaerobic designs and is effective in low and high temperature climates.

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12 reviews for 24 Month Septic Tank Cleaner With 2 HEAVY Shocks

  1. UtahTom

    My septic system was constantly right up to the edge and near backing up. Sometimes it would leak out into the driveway and my dogs would track it into our home. I’ve been using this product for 4 months now and have no more problems. I’ll be using this product from now on. This is cheaper than getting the tank pumped out by far.

  2. KayBuckles

    My neighbor used this stuff to save his dying septic system. I went with the “KIT” and it works! I do wish they would come down in price a little because some of us are on a fixed income so please consider that.

  3. Jill Donaldson, MI

    The smell in the bathroom was gone in 1 day and that is a big relief. 1st time user – super satisfied and will use again.

  4. Kate, AZ

    We decided to take the plunge and start a daycare out of our 2 family home in AZ. As a preventative we selected the most powerful kit available here because the last thing we wanted was a major backup into the home shortly after launching our venture!

    Anyway, the system is operating perfectly and our business took off only two weeks into our launch! Things are looking great and we couldn’t be more satisfied. Thank you Septiblast.

  5. Tom Baker, NY

    Our failing septic system was projected to cost close to 32k all said and done and that did not include the landscape repair we would be dealing with afterwards. We tried the over the counter powders and liquids to no avail so I began researching many of the commercial grade brands and spoke to a few installation professionals prior to making a decision on whether we would give one of the additives a try or simple sign off on the new installation.

    I was not looking for a miracle but was hopeful that we could help the system flow 20 to 30% better than its current state to help avoid the replacement. We followed the directions to a ‘T’ and saw a noticeable improvement in 10 days. We have a two chamber septic tank connected to a leach-field and aside from backups in the home, we never did have odors or wet-spots outside.

    In any event, the product worked well for us and I will continue applying it each month.



  6. Scott, NC

    I wish the price were lower. The instructions were clear and the packets break down in the commode so there is no need to tear them open before flushing. Unlike the other reviews I found on Septiblast, our system did not recover until about 6 weeks into the treatment. Our system is 58 years old and is a ‘cesspit’ type made out of old concrete blocks with gravel at the base. I check the view-port every few weeks now and the level in the cesspit is at around the halfway mark. Before using the product our level was at 6″ from the top so the improvement is now noticeable.

  7. K. Weston

    I gave this a try since we were at the end of our rope trying to avoid replacing our leachfield at a cost of 18,500.00. After administering the shocks per instructions it took about 3 weeks for the gurgling to back down and while we are still cutting back on water, things are steadily improving. I will continue to use this so long as my system keep working and the product keeps the cleaning action going.

  8. Charles Gunner, TX

    This product has reduced my need for pumping my septic system by at least 50% and I have not experienced any odors from “backup” since I started using Septiblast regularly.

  9. Jeffrey Hart, CA

    Since I began applying this product monthly to my system, the system has not once backed up. I have to say, so far so good. If that changes I will report that back you here but for now, so far so good.

  10. Jason T., IN

    There are no more backups or sluggishness. We needed to pump it out after heavy rains and many of the homes in our rural community have older systems. This product is important to us and many of neighbors us it as a preventative maintenance.

  11. Peggy Duke, OR

    We had wet grass over the field and our tractor tires would bottom out sometimes in the yucky muck! We used the restore kit and it worked. The wet spots are lessening and the grass near the end of our field is beginning to recover. Good product and communication.

  12. Debbie W.

    It is now 7 days after we did this treatment and the odor is gone but the front yard is still damp. I hope this keeps improving over the next few days.

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