SeptiBlast™ is the ‘Gold Standard’ of septic treatments containing a proprietary blend of specialized bacteria that consume waste at accelerated rates when introduced into organic rich environments such as those found in residential and commercial septic systems. The sheer numbers of bacteria in each dose help expedite the organic breakdown in the tank and drainage areas to increase flow. SeptiBlast™ is a natural product that is ECO friendly and safe for the environment.
SeptiBlast™ works on ALL systems including, but not limited to, cesspools, cesspits, seepage pits, drywells, septic tanks, RV and other holding tanks, drain fields, leach fields, lateral lines, infiltrator and other engineered type systems, sand mounds, raised mound, pressure systems and multi stage gravity or pump systems. SeptiBlast™ works in both aerobic and anaerobic environments as well as extreme cold or hot climates.
Troubled systems face enormous pressures when effluent (liquid inside your system) cannot seep into the drainage area (drywell, field lines etc.) at a proper rate. In many cases, solids leaving the tank area cause the soils to become less permeable, restricting flow and adding to the pressure buildup. As pressure builds, bacteria present in your system begin to consume at slower rates due to the unnatural, high pressure environment. This pressure and clogging cycle creates a slow, but steady, snowball effect where systems begin to show signs of trouble and eventually lead to total shutdown (complete drainage failure).
Of course! SeptiBlast™ is a commercial grade concentrated bacteria used every day in wastewater treatment plants and other remediation scenarios throughout the world. The measurement of strength when dealing with septic additive products is known as CFU or ‘colony forming units’. SeptiBlast™ contains some of the highest colony counts available and has helped ten-of-thousands of homeowners rescue their failing septic system.
The concentrated strains of bacteria in SeptiBlast™ are millions of times stronger than most all ‘over the counter’ type products as many store brands fall into the 100 to 200 million CFU potency range (if even that much) which is a miniscule amount compared to SeptiBlast™. Although heavily marketed and readily available at Dollar stores, Walmart, Target and most all retail locations, most over the counter products are completely incapable of reversing years of sludge and biomat (waste) buildup. At best, they can only help support an ‘already healthy’ system. Commercial graded formulas are far superior to low grade, less than 1 Billion CFU (colony forming units).

Most of our customers contact us after using over the counter brands and seeing no results. Many have used over the counter brands for years and still, their system go into failure.

While each situation is unique, most systems react within hours after application. Odors begin to diminish and gurgling noises or sounds decrease. Factors such as water use, occupancy, and chemical use, landscape grading and other variables will play a role in the remediation period. Many systems fully recover within 1 to 6 weeks and severely clogged systems can take longer.
Our guarantee is straight forward and simple; all moderate to heavy shock treatment kits with 12 or more months bio-packs are 100% guaranteed to open and restore flow to your system. Light booster kits are geared toward troubled systems but not best suited for those that are near or at complete failure. If you system is not suitably functional after using one of the shock treatments within 6 weeks, we will send additional product at no charge. Some systems require a few extra doses to get things flowing and we are fully prepared to assist with those needs. In the even that you need to replace your system or you are not satisfied with the product and our team, we will refund your entire amount.
SeptiBlast™ is completely safe for all plumbing and will not harm any septic system design or your soils. The bacteria inside the product are non-pathogenic (will not cause disease), non-corrosive, non-hazardous and are safe around people and pets.
What If I need More Help?

Help is always nearby. Simple email our tech support team at with any questions prior to or after using the product. You can also reach us at our toll free number listed at the top of each web page on this site.

SeptiBlast Septic Tank Cleaner