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Bacteria Isn’t Picky

 What are bacteria and what do they feast upon? First, bacteria are extremely tiny single cell organisms that start out as tiny round balls, tiny short sticks, or spirals that resemble springs. They commonly adhere together forming long strings or clusters. The clusters can take on the shape of squares or cubes, or they can even resemble a bunch of grapes. How tiny? They are only one to two micrometers in diameter. So, it would take between 500,000 to 1,000,000 bacteria to equal one meter, 39.37 inches. Bacteria are continuously dividing; occurring every 12 to 20 minutes.

 There are several types of bacteria and they can eat a variety of different things. Some bacteria prefer to live and breed in warm environments, whereas other bacteria prefer to live in cool bacteria in greenenvironments like soil and water. Blue-green bacteria consisting of chlorophyll produce their own food with light energy and carbon dioxide. Some bacteria can break down proteins into amino acids and others can break down complex carbohydrates into simple sugars.

 Enzymes can act as catalysts, breaking down complex molecules into lesser portions so that bacteria have an easier time digesting them. Four common enzymes present in degradable products are lipase, protease, cellulose, and amylase. Each one targets a particular molecule. For example, lipase digests fats and greases and cellulose goes to work on cellulose.

 There are billions of bacteria present in your septic systems. The bacteria living in your septic tank feast upon all the organic solid waste produced in your home. Bio-mat or sludge can form in your septic tank drain field and drain pipes causing your system to clog up. Bio-mat is a viscous, offensive smelling black tar like substance which will settle in the bottom of your septic tank or coat the outside of your drainage pipes. When the levels of good bacteria in your septic tank are ideal this substance will be a great dinner for the bacteria to eat.

 So, when waste water enters your septic system bacteria immediately start decomposing solid waste and other organic materials. The remaining wastewater referred to as sewage effluent is passed into the leach field where more good bacteria go to work killing off bad bacteria, viruses, and other diseases which can circulate in contaminated water.

 If you are experiencing a septic problem like a blockage, the solution may be simple. There are natural products available containing bacterial additives that are beneficial to your septic system.Septic tank cover These supplements contain more of the good bacteria your system needs to decompose septic solid waste and bio-mat. These natural supplements are safe and will not harm animals or the environment. By adding a bacterial product to your septic system on a regular basis you will be sure to have a septic system that operates effectively with an abundant supply of good bacteria.

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Copyright 2009 Septi-Blast™ is a registered trademark of Septi-Blast Corporation 2009 All rights reserved. Septi-Blast septic tank cleaner products are designed to break down and digest bio-mat and sludge plaguing your septic tank system with each dose containing 1.5 billion bacteria per gram. Septic tank cleaner products combined with green cleaning habits allows for maximum decomposition rates when compared to untreated septic systems overtaxed by chemical products designed to kill bacteria. *Simulation reflects capability of product and results may vary. Septi-Blast septic tank cleaner guarantee applies to all purchases made within the continental United States limited to one refund per household per calendar year. Original proof of purchase must accompany any refund request. See included instructions for dosage suggestion and application.